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SSCI 299 Sophomore Seminar

School of Social Sciences

SSCI 299 Sophomore Seminar: How to Think Like a Social Scientist

What is a social scientist? How does the study of human beings and societies provide tools for understanding contemporary politics, relationships, and the world around us?  How does it help make us better citizens? Students in this course, working with faculty from the School of Social Sciences, will learn to ask questions, consider evidence, analyze data, and recognize theories and methods that social scientists use to address a wide array of problems and topics.

Join this class to meet fellow sophomores who share your interests in people and society, understand how GE classes in the Social Sciences fit together, and prepare for a major or minor in the Social Sciences (Anthropology; Criminology and Criminal Justice Studies; Geography, Environment and Planning; Global Studie; History; Political Science; Psychology; Sociology; Women's and Gender Studies). Non-majors and potential majors welcome!

For more details regarding SSCI 299, please contact Program Director Michelle Jolly (